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by I'm Not Superman

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In anticipation of recording his first ever album, I'm Not Superman is giving you a little something as a thank you, a sneak peek at what he's been working on.
This 'Pay what you like', fully acoustic EP will be available to download free, or if you'd like to support the production, printing and completion of the album, for a charge.
Be part of the very beginning, and help get the ball rolling for I'm Not Superman!


released July 29, 2013

Gary Surridge



all rights reserved


I'm Not Superman Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I'm Not Superman, alter ego of Gary Surridge, is an acoustic artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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Track Name: 'We are the future charles, Not them.'
Way down, missing at the bottom of a hole i was lost,
there i was sitting, thinking, all the things i said at the start,
it was a black night, clear, and so i sat staring at stars,
thinking of all of the things that i would say were i in your arms.

no i'm sorry doesn't cut it babe,
i'm sure that you're aware of the hype
i was maybe feeling jaded babe,
and i just dropped my gaurd on that night

But for what it's worth
for what it's worth
you were right

i was ticking over, like a clock without a clue of the time,
when the rain began to fall and the hole began to fill, you were right.
I scratched, and clawed and grabbed, and did my best to stop from loosing the fight
When everything was said and done, the air escaped my lungs and I died.

I felt the air,
leave my lungs,
I lay there.
Track Name: Keep me in a box
This is summers first reminder of,
Everything it's done for us,
and there's lipstick on these old guitars
that shouldn't sit here for this long

I'd love to say I've missed this
but i've never missed a thing,
holding on to someone else's dream

You can build your walls so high,
you'll never see the sun again, alright?
Because I don't really want you,
and you don't really want me to

I appear again,
sporadically falling into hand
you've lived this like you used to
gave it all you used to
loved it like you used to
so sit down when you're comfortable with living a lie

Keep me in a box
try and stop me haunting all your thoughts
you can keep me where you want me,
forgetting where you caught me
losing where you lost me
eventually working your way back to the start
Track Name: Any other me
If I had any other head
or any other heart
with any other end
or any other start
do you think that I would still be fucking up?

in any other place
with other name,
with somone elses face
would I still be to blame?
or would I still hate myself for what I've done?

I'm twenty one and two months now,
funny how that gets me down,
I remember singing since I was fifteen years old.

I've never been in a fist fight,
yet I still don't know wrong from right,
and I've cheated my way in and out of love since I was young.
I'd tell you i'm getting better
just to stop you asking questions
the truth is I don't trust myself alone.

So i'll take my head with me tonight
two more years just seems like spotlight
shining down on what I'm doing wrong

I've been counting down the days,
back since I was seventeen,
I believe that fate is creeping up on me again

it's strange how friends can give you purpose
up until your feeling worthless
I don't ever want to have to feel like this again

i'm afraid I'll wake up on the operating table
and I hear the words we'll have to pull the plug,

and I can't take this any longer,
terrified of going under
what's the point in living if I'm just to scared to dream

I'm so sick of feeling like the enemy,
I'd sooner loose my pride than lose my dignity.
and i'm aware that i'm the one,
who made this go away,
So i'm making sure you hate me babe, so you can stay way

Cause I don't trust myself alone at night
and I've lost the only person who would see me cry.
I know youre listening wondering if this song's yours or mine
I don't think that you'll be able to decide
just remember that I loved you all the time.

so if there was any other me
or any other you
at any other time
to any other tune
do you think we could really win the fight?

In any other world,
on any other rock
in any other life
near any other star
do you think we could make this be okay?